– 10 unique tips to manage Stress. What is stress?; Stress is a parameter of a person when received heavy pressure in his mind. Each person will experience a level of stress that differs depending on the way he manages such stress. Has been previously described that treat stresses the only way to control stress is for Your health. Therefore, here we are going to start uniquely pressing stress. Here’s an explanation;

10 unique tips to manage Stress

Generally, all people would assume that stress is a usual thing. However, if it happens as often as possible then it will be bad for our immune system.

How can we identify the stress?

  1. Feeling anxiety is one of the indicators of stress.
  2. Depression. When you face an obstacle can be said to be an indicator of stress.
  3. Feelings are fickle. It also we often encounter in some people, especially when facing difficult conditions.
  4. Irregular sleep patterns. Can also be regarded as an indicator of stress.
  5. Muscle tension. It can also cause stress if felt heavy pressure in my mind.

Here are 10 unique tips;

1. Talking about problems with someone.

10 unique tips to manage Stress

The first way you can do is when you trust a friend. Why is that? because a friend can also respond to our feelings.

2. Enhance worship and draw closer to the lord.

10 unique tips to manage Stress

The second way is by forming high confidence. By way of handing over all your problems to the Lord and believe that for every problem surely there is a way out. Thus your brain will be a little relaxed and of course, reduce excess stress.

3. Develop a useful hobby.

Although until now this pandemic continues and have yet to find the point he explained. There is no harm if you develop a useful hobby. Because of the era that this, plus the development of technology continues to increase, remain able to support you. Even a hobby can also make money. As quoted from The New York Times.

4. Therapist with music

10 unique tips to manage Stress

The fourth way is to perform the therapy. The therapist is a term for psychological treatment which is generally used by people with the help of expert doctors therapy. However, therapy of this one you can do yourself at home by listening to music. Listening to music is not always a bad impact for someone who can control it. With music therapists classic genre you will get peace. An example of the song is;


– Peder B. Helland, companies for Soothing Relaxation channel

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5. Cleaning The House

Sometimes we feel that the way to eliminate stress we can do from the unexpected, as well as clean the house. During the pandemic of a lot more activity at home. Thus it will also make you stress if only silence or lying in bed. Cleaning the house to be an alternative to the usual but can eliminate the stress slowly.

6. Remember a beautiful memory.

The following ways can be said to be like meditation. His condition is when the brain will be forced to open the recording was related beautifully to remember as a basis to eliminate stress.

7. Eat a favourite food.

How the seventh is the way that often made the present generation relieve stress. Mukbang is a term for someone who likes to eat to relieve stress.

8. Help others

The way this one is very effective for it diverts your mind for a moment. How to help others become the capital of gratitude from the heart. It is thus very powerful to overcome heavy stress.

9. Meditation

This method is also effective to relieve severe stress. First, you can search for a quiet place to do meditation. Then a few hours there can be a close eye along with taking a deep breath in and take out all your mind.

10. Paint.

If you are good at painting, then do it this way so that your stress can be gone. Grab the brush tool and paint you, then take a deep breath in then pour your feelings into creativity that decorate the canvas.

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