Ruangmedia.com6 Healthy Tips in The Pandemic. According to the BMKG, the extreme weather hit several regions in Indonesia such as heavy rains and strong winds. It is thus related to the increasing number of diseases, such as diarrhoea and fever. Plus again in a pandemic situation, the discipline to implement the protocol health alone is certainly not sufficient.
Safety first to your family for limiting activities of travel if not too important. Related to the threat of extreme weather and reduce the rate of spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia that can not be in control.

6 Healthy Tips in The Pandemic

6 Healthy Tips in The Pandemic
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Let us prepare ourselves, starting from maintaining a healthy body through eating a nutritious balanced diet, sufficient rest, and regular exercising. The following six tips keep the immune system when faced with extreme weather in the pandemic;


1. Keeping the body’s immunity.


This case was certainly not foreign to all of us. Consuming foods 4 healthy 5 perfect alone was not enough. To set the sleep patterns of healthy is an important part. Drink water before the break else you can do it. Morning exercise routine under the rays of the morning sun is also very good for reducing the development of any virus entry.


2. Do Activities That Make Relax.


The pandemic is prolonged course can be lowered psychological resistance. Coupled with the new regulations of the ongoing namely PPKM. One of the best ways to improve is to do activities that you like. Such as gymnastics at home, dancing, cooking or reading a book and so on. Although not everyone can do it. However, cultivate positive thinking can also push yourself to be able to improve psychological resistance. Thus, whatever we do becomes a drug to increase the resistance of psychological.


3. Communicate with other people.


This way is also generally effective to improve the durability of the body. Why is that?. Because any virus will attack your immune system weak. While the body will react when the brain works. And conditions of a strong body starting from my mind positive. Thus communication can also work well because it can reduce the load progress.


4. Creative and critical thinking.


This way can also affect the immunity of the body. Generally the burden of your mind because of the work that inhibited to be reduced psychological resistance. One way is critical thinking and creativity. Make something different and needed by other people without being more valuable. And critical thinking is not a forever home that can not do anything.


5. Control stress.


stress conditions are the most troubling. Despite the variety of ways, the middle is done but if we can’t control it, it will be in vain. Stress conditions can be controlled by means of priority to the mind that is most important first. Always think positive that all the problems there must be a way out.


6. Selfcare use aromatherapy.


Aromatherapy can also relieve the burden on your mind that accumulate. This way also can help control excess stress.

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