Ruangmedia.comControlling Stress To Remain Healthy. Stress will arise also eat our feelings, and the condition will always we get in everyday life. Maybe some people consider stress is the usual course. But it nevertheless still can you overcome from within yourself. Thus you can be free from stress conditions. Then, how to solve it?; Here is the explanation.

Controlling Stress To Remain Healthy

Controlling Stress To Remain Healthy
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Most most people stress can lead to high blood pressure, decreased appetite up to depression which is very heavy. If you want to overcome this, the main thing is to familiarize yourself with positive-minded. After that you can accompany with some of the following ways below;

Doing yoga 4 to 5 times a week.

You can do this activity as the right choice to relieve stress. When you take the time for 4-5 times in one week. In this way also your mind feels relaxed and the mood will be distracted by the activity.

Have a pet as an alternative therapy.

The way this one looks ordinary but in reality, is very useful. When we raise animals with loving, it became the drug of stress for you. The impact to you is in addition to can reduce the sense of loneliness. You will also feel comfortable when are nearby, thus your mood increase and reduce depression. So that the blood pressure in your body responds well.

Watching film comedy.

In a pandemic such as this and PPKM he continues, the stress that tends to result housed. The solution to do is to watch a television show that makes you laugh. It is thus a powerful way to relieve and relax in your mind. Positive that you feel is when you laugh, the physical and the psychic you respond well. Medical the muscles in your face as you stretch and simultaneously with the increase of the hormone endorphin. Can switch the negative thoughts that help raise your immune system.

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