– Raise The Immune System. The immunity of the body is very main to this day. Simply put as a protective barrier that can ward off the virus and fight off toxins in the body, and thus avoid falling sick. In addition to applying the protocol health. You should also keep the immune system for the immune system.

Raise The Immune System

Raise The Immune System
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There are 3 types of the immune system – three of which are natural immunity and one more is additional:

Innate immunity – the type that carried since birth. The power of immunity is different for each person because some are born with immunity strong and some people are born with immunity weak.

Immunity adaptive – also called “immunity obtained”. Immunity protects us based on “experience”. Therefore, after the stricken certain infections and heal, You will no longer be (at least for a while) susceptible to the same infection.

Immunity – passive immunity while, also called “the immunity of the loan”.

Consume vegetables and fruits.
To get the vitamins and minerals in the body can utilize vegetables and fruits. So because it has high fibre content and is enriched with antioxidants.
Consume spices.
Ginger here is one of the types of spices that is currently often used usefulness. The main body can fight off viral infections.
Supplements Of Vitamin C.
For additional nutrients daily, you can also use vitamin C. Its benefits are recommended to enhance immunity and increase antioxidants in the body.

Drinking water is very important for You to keep well hydrated.

So that’s the explanation above about keeping the immune system of the body well. As for the other ways that have been described in the previous article.

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