Ruangmedia.comWaterfall Amaryllis in Kendari. Indonesia has the natural beauty of the area, and potentially as a tourist spot.
Here we will discuss one of the most beautiful waterfalls is located in Southeast Sulawesi;

Waterfall Amaryllis in Kendari

Waterfall Amaryllis in Kendari
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This place is not foreign to the local population centred in the City of Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. The exact location of the tourist is located in the Hallway Amaryllis, Village Watu-Watu, district Kendari Barat.

To enjoy the beauty of the falls, you will pass the ascent with a distance of approximately 1 hour. Arriving at the top, your adventure begins with down every cliff rock that adorn the street. And no less interesting other specialized streams of the waterfall add to the beauty of nature.

What is Amaryllis?

The people of the City of Kendari know amaryllis as a top view presented from the people’s forest park. So when the people who visit here, not only can enjoy the waterfall, but also the beauty of the City of Kendari, will appear from the top.

This place is also known to be able to capture the beauty of the sunset and sunrise. Similarly, people know it as the campground because of its hilly passes through the estate.

It is thus certainly will add to your adventure when you travel with friends or family.

Although the City of Kendari pandemic COVID-19 has yet to subside, but do not lose the spirit of travellers to capture the moment the natural beauty of Amaryllis.

a variety of colours of natural stone

View the most amazing thing is when you are in the area of the waterfall. Under the waterfall save a lot of colourful rocks. Visitors can take pictures and selfies on top of the rocks.

For entrance fees at tourist sites is quite affordable, which is only charged a parking fee

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