Ruangmedia.comWaterfall Tirta Rimba In Baubau. Is one of the natural charms that exists in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. We know that Indonesia has a country archipelago of the largest among the few big countries in the world. The Indonesian island more or less have 17.504 islands and is stored therein a place of beautiful natural attractions. Natural beauty is always preserved by the community that took care of it.
But such is the case, for the moment, Indonesia is still in the condition of keeping safe. This way adhere to the protocol health. By the way, don’t forget to use a mask while travelling. Then don’t forget to keep your distance, wash your hands before and after the activity. Reduce the activity of gathering together. It is thus to help the country quickly recovered. So, we can again enjoy the beauty of beautiful nature.

Waterfall Tirta Rimba In Baubau

Waterfall Tirta Rimba In Baubau
Image Description: The beauty of the Waterfall Tirta Rimba looks like mushrooms (by laode_rismansatria_tuasa)

Baubau is one of the islands to the visit of the travellers. Both local and foreign tourists visit the island. However, the conditions at the location currently in Baubau while in the lid for security. However, the thing that we always longed for from these attractions are as follows;

1. Access to the attractions.

The waterfall this time will captivate the eyes of the visitors. The location is very strategic to visit, and do not charge a fee to go inside. So you can enjoy the beauty of nature with friends and family. If you are located in the centre of the town of Baubau, then the distance you will travel is approximately up to 4km. Its location, in the Village Lakologou, District of Wolio, BauBau, Sulawesi Tenggara. Very satisfied for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of nature while play with water. Next, you will adventure it;


2. Falling water coming from the flow of the river Kokalukuna.


Kokalukuna a division of the district Bungi in Baubau. Anyone certainly knows this village, because there also have the natural beauty of exotic hidden. There are a few small rivers flow, and the river is up on the location of Tirta Rimba. More interestingly, you can watch the waterfall is as high as 6 meters with a width of the flow of the river up to 5 meters. The crystal-clear water and clean flowing through the large stones to the pool and under the falling water with a diameter of 10×7 meters. So you can play in the water like a swimming pool outdoors, which is equipped with a board for skate spots.
The community works together with the local government to keep the tourist attractions. So generally, a family vacation, making it a favourite with the kids.


3. The price of admission is just waterfall Tirta Rimba.


For the price of entry location yet to be determined clearly, if there are changes or not. But before the pandemic, generally worn around Rp.2000,-. With that price, not only enjoy the falling water, but they also often perpetuate the natural conditions there through photos and uploaded through social media.

Just like that, the natural conditions can be found throughout the property as in the picture before the pandemic. So, to remain patient, and keep the safe condition of the visitors who look forward to the future back to normal.

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