Ruangmedia.comWhat Is Music Therapy. This time the music has become a friend of your activity. With music, you can control feelings of sadness, happiness, or motivation. Therefore, the discussion this time is music can overcome the problem of your mental health.

What Is Music Therapy?

What Is Music Therapy

Basically, has many benefits. If you want to do, you can ask the help of a professional therapist to identify your health problems.

The history of Greek mythology says that music therapy was a common practice for the treatment of wounded veterans in hospitals. Positive emotional responses become nurses’ medical records for their patients.


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How does it work?

Here is a technique to adjust the needs of the patient in specific;

Methods Bonny.

GIM (Guided Imagery and Music), is a method of approach for transformational which focuses on classical music selected. In the therapist which is described in the methods bonny as follows;

1. First of all begins with the approach of the early through the conversation to assess the mood of the patient on the condition at that moment.
2. Then the therapist will provide direction to the patient to relax the body so that it can focus the mind during the process of therapy takes place.
3. So chant the rhythm begins, the therapist as a facilitator supports the patient and engage with the experience of the client.
4. the period of the therapy takes about 35-45 minutes, until the client struck me, then back to review the condition of such patients

As quoted on the that the concept of Method Bonny is based on;

a. the potential for self-actualization of every human being
b. wisdom of the Soul, when considered, to lead someone towards the growth of the
c. the power of music to facilitate the body and Soul
d. the capacity of the human imagination to give the door to the Self, thus serves as a channel for experiences that drive growth.

Music therapy using the method of Nordoff-Robbins.

The method that this one leads to a person’s beliefs to the music. In the centre of the practice of Music, Therapy Nordoff-Robbins said that our approach is based on techniques that allow the client the most flawed though be active participants and successful.
Based on the development by Dr Paul Nordoff and Dr Clive Robbins, this approach up to now practised by hundreds of therapists to international.

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